XVth International Conference Surface Forces will take place on May 12-16, 2014 in BEST WESTERN Country Resort Hotel, Verbilki village, about 100 km to North from Moscow, Russia. The travel time from Moscow (Savelovskii Train Station) to Verbilki by local train is about 1h45min-2h.

The part of train timetable for the afternoon of May 12 is presented at How to get there page; for other days the timetable may be found online at http://pass.rzd.ru/main-pass/public/en . Type MOSCOW and VERBILKI as departure and arrival stations, select the date, uncheck the box Only with tickets and press TIMETABLE button to get it. Unfortunately, suburban train tickets cannot be purchased online. You will need to buy them at cashier desks at the Savelovskii Train Station (Moskva Savelovskaia).

Alternatively, the conference bus from Moscow to Verbilki will be organized on arrival day, May 12, at 15h30min, from the A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry.

At the How to get there page you can find information on reaching either the collection point for the Conference bus, or the Savelovskii Train Station, from any of the Moscow international airports.  



The weather in Moscow Region in May is usually moderately warm. The forecast for the week of 12-18 May is +14+20C (day time), but nights and early mornings may be quite chilly. An umbrella seems to be a good talisman against rains which are very probable in spring time.



A free Wi-Fi internet access will be available at the main Conference building. The quality of Wi-Fi signal in living blocks depends on block location and may be a little bit worse.  



The local currency is Russian rouble (approximate current rates are 1 US dollar = 35.5 rubles, 1 Euro = 49.0 roubles). All your additional (optional) expenses during your stay in the Conference hotel (Alcohol drinks, Coffee lounge, Sauna, Spa, Massage etc.) are collected at your Guest card and can be paid by Credit card at checking-out, thus you need no cash for that part of your trip to Russia. Nevertheless, the cash machine (accepts Visa and MasterCard) is available in the hotel lobby.