Oral sessions will start in the morning on Tuesday, May 13, and finish in the early afternoon on Friday, May 16.


Keynote speakers will be given 30 minutes including discussion, and oral contributions will be 20 minutes. Multimedia projector will be provided. Additional demonstration accessories may be available on request. Recommended poster size is 90 cm wide and 120 cm in height.



Monday, May 12

15:30 Conference bus departure from IPCE RAS to Verbilki

Registration 18:00 19:30

Welcome party 19:30 20:30

Tuesday, May 13

Breakfast 8:00 9:00

Morning session 9:15 12:30

9:15-9:20 Welcome and opening

Plenary Lecture: Jacob Klein (Israel)
Symmetry breaking of Coulomb interactions: a new paradigm
(40 min)

O1. Surface charge and kinetics of the three phase contact formation at hydrophobic and hydrophilic solids
Zawala J., Kosior D., Niecikowska A., Malysa K (Poland)

O2. On the effect of discrete charges adsorbed at the interface on nonionic liquid film stability: charges in the electrolyte
Emelyanenko K., Emelyanenko A., Boinovich L. (Russia)

Coffee break 10:40 11:10

O3. The effect of particle charge, hydrophobicity and packing density on the forces of particulate monolayers at air-water interfaces
C. E. McNamee., M. Kappl., S. Fujii., S.Yusa, H.J. Butt,  (Japan, Germany)

O4. Impact of ionic strength on dynamic surface properties of polyelectrolyte/surfactant solutions
Bykov A.G., Lin S.-Y., Lyadinskaya V.V., Noskov B.A. (Russia, Taiwan)

 Short presentations of posters ( P1-P16)

Lunch 13:00 14:00 

Afternoon session 14:00 18:00

Keynote Lecture: Vitaly Svetovoy (The Netherlands)
Roughness contribution to the dispersion forces between bodies close to contact (30 min)

O5. A damped driven asimir oscillator with rough surfaces
W. Broer, G. Palasantzas, J. Knoester, V. B. Svetovoy, H. Waalkens (The Netherlands)  

O6. Sensitivity of micromechanical actuation on amorphous to crystalline phase transformations under the influence of asimir forces
M. Sedighi, W. H. Broer, G. Palasantzas, and B. J. Kooi (The Netherlands)

Coffee break 15:10 15:40

O7. Casimir forces near Bose-Einstein condensation of an imperfect Bose gas in D dimensions
M. Napiorkowski, P. Jakubczyk, and J. Piasecki (Poland)

O8. CO2 storage on cellulose nanoplates in water
P. Thiyam, C.Persson, D. F. Parsons , D. Huang, and M.Boström (Sweden, Norway, Australia) 

Short Presentations of posters ( P17-P33) 

Dinner  19:00 20:00

Wednesday, May 14

Breakfast 8:00 9:00

Morning session 9:15 12:30

Keynote Lecture: Vladimir Ajaev (USA)
Stability of Liquid Films on Electrically Charged Structured Surfaces
(30 min)

O9. Properties of the wave resistance in the case of a liquid film of arbitrary depth
Karol Wędołowski  and  Marek Napiórkowski (Poland)

O10. Electric field and elasticity of lipid bilayers: experimental facts and simulations
Ermakov Yu. A., Marukovich N. I., Nesterenko A.M (Russia)

Coffee break 10:30 11:00

O11. Microstructure formation in freezing nanofluid droplets
R. Denoyel and M. Antoni (France)

O12. Effect of wettability on sessile drop freezing. When superhydrophobicitystimulates an extreme freezing delay?
A. M. Emelyanenko, L.B.Boinovich (Russia)

O13. Water and ice dielectric properties: the new paradigm
V.G. Artemov, A.A. Volkov, A.V. Pronin (Russia)

O14. Direct measurements of absolute interface energy in Copper based solid solutions
Zhevnenko S.N. (Russia) 

Lunch 13:00 14:00 

Afternoon session 14:00 17:00

Keynote Lecture: Kazue Kurihara (Japan)
Twin-path surface forces apparatus and its applications (30 min)

O15. Packing frustration in confined hard-sphere fluids
Nygård K., Sarman S., and Kjellander R. (Sweden)

O16. The influence of van der Waals forces on droplet morphological transitions and solvation forces in nanochannels
Dutka F. and Napiórkowski M. (Poland)

O17. Dendritic nanofluids mediating surface forces
Pilkington G. A. and Briscoe W. H (UK);

Coffee break 15:40 16:10

O18. Why do we feel atoms in nano-scale friction ?
S.Yu. Krylov (Russia)

O19. Sustained frictional instabilities on nanostructured surfaces: stick-slip amplitude coefficient (SSAC)
Quignon B. and Briscoe W. H. (UK) 

Poster session 17:00 19:00 

Dinner  19:00 20:00

Thursday, May 15

Breakfast 8:00 9:00 

Morning session 9:15 12:00

Keynote Lecture: Dominique Langevin (France)
Role of surface forces in foam and emulsion stability (30 min)


O20. Spontaneous condensation of catanionic Langmuir monolayers on the surface of aqueous colloids
D. S. Turygin, A. A. Ezhov, V. K. Ivanov, V. V. Arslanov, and M. A. Kalinina (Russia)


O21. Supramolecularbionanosystems at the interfaces: fundamental and applied importance
ZaitsevS.Yu. (Russia)

Coffee break 10:30 11:00

O22. Consequences of shifted ion adsorption equilibria due to nonelectrostatic interactions potentials in electrical double layers
V. Deniz and A. Fogden (Australia)


O23.Study of interactions in Gibbs monolayers to get deeper insight into stabilization mechanisms of eletrolyte-containing emulsions
Krupennikova V., Brezesinski G., Radnaeva V., Tanganov B (Russia, Germany)


Lunch 12:00 13:00

Excursion to Sergiev Posad, and the Conference Dinner13:30 22:00

Friday, May 16

Breakfast 8:00 9:00

Morning session 9:30 12:30

Keynote Lecture: Hans-Jürgen Butt (Germany)
Capillary Forces  (30 min)

O24. Numerical simulation of capillary bridge formation and rupture between two flat plates
Z. H.Rabori,(Iran)

O25. Dynamic wetting of polycrystalline and single crystals diamonds
Ostrovskaya L., Pashinin A., Boinovich L., Ralchenko V., Tkach V. (Russia)

Coffee break 10:45 11:15

Keynote Lecture: Ludmila  Boinovich (Russia)
Surface forces induced by the solvent molecular structure (30 min)

O26. Plane capillary flow of a viscous fluid with free boundary in the Stokes approximation
Chivilikhin S.


O27. Interactions of antennary oligoglycines and lipopolysaccharides in aqueous media
E. Mileva (Bulgaria)


Lunch 13:00 14:00

14:30 Conference bus departure from Verbilki to IPCE RAS

Wednesday, May 14, 17:00 19:00

List of Posters

Please note that all the authors presenting their posters will be given a possibility to make a brief announcement (2-3 minutes with 1-2 PowerPoint slides) about main findings of their posters, at the end of oral sessions on Tuesday May 13.

P1.   Changing in boundary potential of lipid membranes induced by adsorption of polypeptides of various molecular weight on their surface
 N. I. Marukovich, O. V.Batishchev, A.Nesterenko, Y. A. Ermakov (Russia)

P2.    The cluster formation study on the various type surfaces under SALDI mass-spectrometry conditions
I.S. Goncharova, A. K. Buryak(Russia)

P3.    Morphology and anticorrosion properties of the superhydrophobic coatings on aluminum alloy
S.V.Gnedenkov, S.L.Sinebryukhov, V.S. Egorkin, Vyaliy I.E., Gavrilov A.I., Emelyanenko A.M., Boinovich L.B. (Russia)

P4.   Viscosity of liquids at small gradients of flow velocity
D.Makarova, A.Tsyremzhitova, A.Tsyrenzhapova, T. Dembelova, B.Badmaev(Russia)

P5.    Investigation of reversed-micellar solutions of stable silver nanoparticles by means of high-performance liquid chromatography
A.D. Shafigulina, O.G. Larionov, A.A. Revina(Russia)

P6.    Molecular dynamics simulations of explicit water contribution to electrostatic field of micelles
A.A.Vanin, E.N.Brodskaya(Russia)

P7.   Molecular simulations of local fluid distribution in the asymmetric cylindrical nanoslit
A.A.Vanin, E.N.Brodskaya (Russia)

P8.   Amino acids adducts with basic metals formation on different surfaces
E.S.Kuznetsova, A.K.Buryak, G.A.Petukhova, I.S.Pytsky(Russia)

P9.  Chemistry and morphology of different surfaces influence on energy characteristics of ionization
I.S. Pytsky, A.K.Buryak (Russia)

P10. Approximations of kinetic dependences of foam collapse containing surfactants with polyvinyl alcohol
Kaumenova G., OspanovaZh.B. , Musabekov K.B., Asadov M.M. (Kazakhstan)

P11. Transfer phenomena in the media with large tortuous surface
D.M. Kurmasheva, V.G. Artemov, P.O. Kapralov, V.D. Travkin, V.I. Tikhonov, A.A. Volkov(Russia)

P12. Monolayer properties of the crown-ether derivatives at the mercury salt interfaces
Zaitsev I.S., Tsarkova M.S., ZaitsevS.Yu. (Russia)

P13. Brewster angle microscopy visualization of the lipid - protein membranes
ZaitsevS.Yu.a, Solovyeva D.O. (Russia)

P14.  Intracellular transport and localization of a novel photoactivateble fluorescent dye in the immortalized A431 cell culture using selective fluorescent  probe
Generalov A.A., Shaposhnikov M.N., ZaitsevS.Yu(Russia)

P15. Surface and electrosurface characterization of multiwall N-doped oxidized carbon nanotubes
S. Barany, L. Vanyorek and R. Meszaros (Hungary)

P16. Electrosurface properties and stability of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous suspensions with and without Laponite
M. Manilo, N. Lebovka and S. Barany (Ukrain, Hungary)

P17. Stationary configuration of liquid surface on superhydrophobic material
Ageeva M. A., Popov I. Yu., Chivilikhin S. A. (Russia)

P18. The resonance mechanisms of the anion specific adsorption at the metal-electrolyte interfaces
Kuklin R., Emets V. (Russia)

P19. Theoretical study of Van der Waals dispersion pressures of two-dimensional periodic material distributions
H. Matsuoka, N.Kitahama, and S. Fukui

P20. Interaction of hydrophobic particles with solid water films
Malenkov G. (Russia)

P21. Account of capillary effects in the simulation of interaction between AFM probe and specimen
Uzhegova N.I., Svistkov A.L. (Russia)

P22.  On the frequency of non axial symmetric eigenmode oscillations of a liquid drop on a substrate
Yu.M. Zaslavsky (Russia) 

P23. Application of high resolution scanning electron microscopy for studying the superhydrophobic textured surfaces
A.G.Domantovsky, A.M.Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich (Russia)

P24. Calculation of instability development of surface shape of nano-scale objects during diffusion growth
T.Pogosian, S.Chivilikhin (Russia)

P25. Femtosecond laser treatment for the design of electro-insulating superhydrophobic coatings with enhanced wear resistance on glass
P. N. Saltuganov, L.B. Boinovich, A. G. Domantovskiy, A. M. Emelyanenko,A. S. Pashinin , A. A. Ionin, S.I. Kudryashov, S. V. Makarov, D. A. Zayarny,

P26. Foam films and bubble bouncing at free surface of n-octanol solutions
D. Kosior, J. Zawala, R. Todorov, D. Exerowa, P. Warszynski, K. Malysa

P27. Air at hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces and kinetics of the bubble collisions
J. Zawala, D. Kosior, K. Malysa(Poland)

P28. Specific ion effect in the dielectric properties of aqueous solutions of potassium halides at different temperatures and concentrations
F.M.Shagieva, L.B.Boinovich

P29. Calculation of van der Waals forces in free and wetting films on the basis of microscopic approach with accounting for the many-body interactions
K. A. Emelyanenko, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich

P30. Enhancing the superhydrophobic state stability of chitosan-based coatings for textile
N.A. Ivanova , G.I. Rutberg , A.B. Philipchenko (Russia) 

P31. Dynamics and structure of mono-molecularly thick water-ethanol layers confined between graphene and mica
N. Severin, P. Lange, V. Scenev, I.M. Sokolov, J.P. Rabe (Germany)

P32.  Simulation of a droplet in gravity and non isothermal conditions
A. Fanzar, A. Lekhlifi, J. Ouazzani, M. Antoni (France)

P33. The analysis of durability of superhydrophobic coatings based on laser textured surface of stainless steel
A.R.Mashinistova, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich(Russia)