How to get there


How to get there

The conference will be held from Monday June 21st to Sunday June 27th aboard the three-decked motor-ship Alexander Benua traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Russia. The ship will depart at 17:30 on June 21 from Moscow North River Station (in Russian: "Severnyi Rechnoi Vokzal":


It is in a north-west part of Moscow, close to Metro station "Rechnoi Vokzal" (about 10 min walk), address is 51 Leningradskoe Shosse. The ship team asks to start checking-in from 15:30. However, it will be possible at least to leave a luggage at the ship for those arriving earlier. Also, it will be possible to have a lunch on the ship (at extra charge).


Connections at Sheremetyevo International Airport

There is a regular bus service (approx. three times each hour) from Sheremetyevo airport to Moscow Metro Station (bus No.851) "Rechnoi Vokzal". The tickets can be bought in the bus, single fare is 28 roubles (1 Euro is about 38-40 roubles). Approximate time by taxi, depending on traffic, varies between 15 to 45 minutes (by bus between 30 to 60 minutes). A taxi from Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow city centre is about Euro 60-80; to the North River station about Euro 25-50 (depending on time and taxi company).


Connections at Domodedovo International Airport

The express train connects the airport with the Paveletskaya Railway station, which, in turn, is connected by a direct subway (Metro) line with Rechnoi Vokzal metro station. At the airport terminal, ask for a train station (it is at the left side of the airport building). Train timetable is here: (http://eng.rzd.ru/isvp/public/rzdeng?STRUCTURE_ID=4104 )


The whole trip by train+Metro will take about 2 hours, by taxi about 60-100 minutes. If you will decide to take a taxi, please be advised that a normal daytime rate for such taxi trip is 50-80 Euro (Train costs 250 Roubles, metro is 26 Roubles for single trip - please have Russian money with you or change the appropriate sum at the airport).


For the custom procedures in either Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo you should allow about 1 hour (in fact, this time is required for passport control, for custom itself a "green channel" operates).


Arrival to Saint-Petersburg

The Conference ship will arive to Saint Petersburg on Sunday, June 27 at 08:00


We arrive to Salt Pier ("Solyanoi prichal") of "Utkina zavod" River station, which is not far from the metro station "Proletarskaya", address is Oktiabrskaya Nab. 29. Thus, you should put at least 90 minutes to reach the airport after boat arrival, and take into account the time necessary for passport and security control.


The city transport connections to the Pulkovo International airport you can find at the airport website


It is possible to order a taxi online via web page  



Since many participants wish to stay a few days in St.Petersburg, we do not plan to organize a group transportation from Petersburg to Moscow. Besides, air companies frequently permit return flights from other airport than airport of arrival to the same country. The St.Petersburg has international airport linked with many big airports throghout the world. Nevertheless, if you will wish (or have to) return to Moscow,  you can do it by plane or by train. To book the plane tickets, you may use the Russian Airways ("Aeroflot") web site:  https://www.aeroflot.ru/eng 


The train connections is of not less comfort and, having in mind time for registration etc., takes approximately equal time. There are about 15 trains a day (some of them are overnight, others are day-time with sitting place only).  There are 3-5 High Speed Trains a day, the trip takes slightly less than 4 hours. Alternatively, you can use a slower overnight train, saving money due to avoiding need of the hotel. You can find a time-table of the trains at www.rzd.ru (there is link to English pages, http://eng.rzd.ru/). Unfortunately, online booking is available through Russian language pages only.   



For urgent purposes, please have on hand the number of mobile phone of the Conference Scientific Secretary, Dr. Alexandre Emelyanenko:

+7 903 733 8499